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Upcoming Trips

Here is a list of places, I will be visiting in the coming weekends. If you wish to join me on these trips do email me on or  call me on 9969479441.

1. Roha Fort road trip. Forts to be explored are Avachitgad, Birwadi fort, Surgad, Ghosalgad, Tala Fort and Kuda Caves

2. RoadTrip to Lonar Crater, Balarpur Fort and Akila Fort in Akola, Narnala Fort, Achalpur Fort and Gawilgarh Fort in Amravati.

3. Railtrip to Gulara Mahal, Ahukhana and Jamaq Masjid Gosiwala Zainabad in Burhanpur.

4. Roadtrip to Malegaon Fort, Laling Fort, Galna Fort, Dermal Fort and Pisol Fort in Malegaon.

5. Shelatwadi Caves and Ghorawadi Caves near Dehu Road in Pune.

6. Goa Roadtrip

7. Ratnagiri Roadtrip

8. Ahmendabad Railtrip.

9. Baroda Railtrip.

10. Akkalkot Palace and Old Akkalkot Palace in Solapur.

11. Roadtrip to Pitalkhora Caves, Antur Fort and Ghatotkacha Buddhist Caves in Aurangabad. 

12. Waterfalls in Mahableshwar

13. Waterfalls in Nasik.

14. Hampi Roadtrip.

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